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Small Card Terminal


Standalone terminals offer a cost-effective, easy to install and operate method to process credit, debit, EBT and gift cards, as well as electronic check processing. Terminals come in a variety of configurations; single and multiple applications, multi-merchant, dial or high-speed IP, Wi-Fi and wireless. Suitable for retail, restaurant, supermarket, medical, lodging, car rental and most other types of business.

Mobile Processing:

Transfer your smartphone or iPad into a fully functioning credit card terminal. By adding a fully encrypted card reader, you can safely accept credit card payments on the road while receiving lower swiped processing rates.

Mobile Processing

Internet Gateways:

Often referred to as “Cloud Computing”; transactions can be run from any computer with internet access and can be used simultaneously by multiple users. No software or transaction data resides on your computers, nothing to lose or have stolen. Gateways drive e-commerce sites and shopping carts. In addition to e-commerce, a virtual terminal is perfectly suited for no face to face transactions, especially Business to Business transactions. Gateways offer a variety of functionality such as recurring transactions, the ability to store (encrypted) customer data to be used for future transactions, Level III processing and reporting capabilities not available from a standalone terminal. You can seamlessly process transactions using Quickbooks through our gateway plugin. Gateways can also support card swipe transactions for traditional retail businesses and work especially well in medical practices.

Card Terminal Machine

POS Systems:

Move up from that out-dated cash register to a fully functional iPad/tablet-based POS system. No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars. For much less than you could imagine, you can speed up the checkout line, track your inventory, perform analytics to understand your business better and, at the same time, keep in touch with your customers. All this on a secure Web-based platform that keeps all of your data out of reach of hackers.

Gift and Loyalty Cards:

Gift cards have effectively replaced the gift certificate as the preferred option to giving cash. There is any number of additional uses for gift cards; gift cards can replace credit slips, they can be used as discount cards for preferred customers, given out as promotions or used as a coupon to bring additional traffic into your place of business. Loyalty cards are also available to help promote your company brand and help to drive that customer back again and again.

Electronic Check Processing:

ACH and electronic check conversion are both available. Process a check with the same convenience and confidence as processing a credit card. By mating a check imager to your terminal or computer, you can process a customer check, have that check be guaranteed and automatically deposited into your account without having to write up a deposit slip or take a trip to the bank.

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